Friday, August 09, 2013

The Art of Finding Yourself Through Journaling

“Wonder occurs when you decide to live, to endure and assign meaning to your experiences.” Christina Baldwin, Life’s Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice.

Summer is still with us - yes - but in my mind and heart I am turning towards fall, preparing classes and defining just what it is I am offering through the Creative Circle class: creative journaling with SoulCollage®.    

Some of the benefits of journal writing have been explored in books, studies and you can certainly google them on-line. Everyone has a slightly different focus or purpose for journaling. Here are some of the things this class incorporates:

·           Learn 7 different journaling techniques  (free writing, poetic writing, affirmations, gratitude lists, soul dialogue, creative doodling/ visual journaling)
·           Delight in discovering your own story, patterns and meaning through journal prompts
·           Learn SoulCollage®,  an excellent right-brain activity: creative, intuitive & fun
·           Use mindfulness, body presence and relaxation exercises including guided visualizations to enhance your journaling and  over-all well-being
·           Get in touch with and develop your intuition through journaling
·           Discover your Inner Feminine: lineage, family stories, inherited myths
·           Make connections with other like-minded, caring women in the Creative Circle

“Journal-keeping is a means of documenting the spontaneous flow of your life and growth. It is a vehicle for experiencing the present more fully and also witnessing past patterns and setting goals for the future. Lucia Capacchione, The Creative Journal, the Art of Finding Yourself

see my website for Registration Details in mid-August