Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January : Deep into Winter

Well it depends what part of the planet you live in, but here in Montreal, we are deep into winter. Another five centimetres of snow fell today, covering all the dirt and ice and gravel and making everything pure white again.

I haven't been blogging much, and I'm really taking it slowly this January.  Slow as molasses in January, the local taxi driver used to say, as we saw me doddling home from school in a small town in Ontario.

Yep, I'm slow to get started on planning anything - workshops or classes or retreats? not on the radar yet. I have been taking two online classes in Tarot & SoulCollage and one Healing by writing class, so that keeps my creative flow happening.

My stated goal to myself for the year is writing - which I am doing a few days a week. I have been working on a fiction story about a young girl in medieval times who is on a path towards being an apprentice to a healer.... in the days of witch burnings and heretics. But today, even that feels like too much energy....

So looking for inspiration, I picked a few cards today from my Medecine card deck. Deer and Bear poked their heads up to remind me to go slowly and gently, not forcing anything, and invited me into the Dream Lodge to connect with source, and do some deep introspection. Sounded like good advice to me.

All I want to do is curl up and nap! so workshops, classes and other projects will have to wait for February, cause January has got me by the ankle-bones and is dragging me down into its snowy depths.

aka Creative Soulful Woman