Thursday, January 07, 2016

New Year, New Word, New Start

I just sent out a newsletter, talking about Creating Intentions instead of making resolutions.

Resolutions, like rules, are made to be broken. They last a few weeks if you're lucky. You may decide to stop drinking coffee, ride the bus instead of taking the car, jog 5 miles every morning, or lose that extra poundage put on eating gravy and all the fixins.

What if you decided to work from a positive view instead? 

What if you asked yourself what it is you really want to attract into your life? or move away from?
For instance, last year I journaled and mused and collaged at the beginning of the year, then came up with this phrase: Release the Rescuer in me.

Over the year, it became a talisman or touchstone that I kept coming back to. Mid-year I made a SoulCollage(R) card to honour that intention. I could see it as a running lesson that came returning - everytime I reached out to help someone and it was not really needed, or it fulfilled my own need to help but not the receiver's need, I was reminded that it was time to release the Rescuer in me.

I was brought up that way, to help others. there was a bit of a dysfunction in our household that made things unpredictable and chaotic sometimes. I was the eldest daughter in a family of 8, my mother was alcoholic and relied on me (and my sister) to help out and make things run smoothly, whether with laundry, meals or younger siblings care. It became my "good girl" mode, seeing to the needs and responding as instantly as I was able. (Of course there was rebellion, too, in my teen years, but overall it became part of my personality).

In looking forward to 2016, even though I'm not quite ready yet to make a definitive statement, I can feel something edging closer to my awareness. So my word, temporarily, is Awareness.

I would like to be more aware of my own needs and not place unrealistic demands on others to take care of them.
I would love to be aware of joy, appreciation, gratitude for all I have instead of complaining.
I am aware of the preciousness of life, and can be more Present to its beauty.
I want to be aware of my own body, and its very real needs for clean food, lots of rest and a huge amount of creative play. Or is that my soul's need?

So you get the idea - find a word, think about it, journal about it, make art about it. It will come to you, if you want it too. Keep in mind that imagining and attracting something positive has a higher chance of being something you will stick to over the year.

Creatively, soulfully yours,

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