Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday peace

Hre it is, the five minutes break in the middle of the afternoon, when I pause from writing Christmas cards, running errands, letting the measurers/installers and carpet samplers finish up and leave, and I am at my laptop in front of the window.

It is stark white in front where snow has smothered the lake, dark brown almost black where the island meets the horizon in tree branches, and a glowing pewter mixed with light gray and white with gold touches where the sun lowering itself in the western sky shines through.

Just for moment, the time for 3 birds to wing past my window, then a fourth, there is a calm peaceful feeling.

So this is how it must be, to let the landscape's silence enter, and fill up the cracks and crevices not already filled with busy thoughts and plans and desires. Let the cup fill up with emptiness, yes, the white empty snow.

Now the sky is growing darker, and the silver ball of sun pours out a stronger light.

may the light shine on you, may the inner light be discovered and may the light of love envelope you and yours over this holiday season,


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Day and Mother Daughter Hair Colour

Snow Day: not for the kids, but for me. Heavy snowfall yesterday, freezing rain overnight, and more thick fluffy flakes this morning means, stay at home. Cancel yoga (do some stretches on the rug in my room), a delivery was cancelled too, all smart people stay off the road today (those who can afford to - my husband made it to work, Caitie is at school).

There are days like this when the lake is whited-out, a hazy dark shoreline on the island across from us, a thin open patch of water greyish and closing in, the muffled sound of crows cawing in the big maple, a few workers on a saw below (oh yeah, the shingles are going up in back, slowly but surely).

I was going to say, there are days like this when I remember why we moved here. Believe me, I haven't had much time to look at the lake and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee or read a book. Still finding boxes of DVD's and video games, or CD's that need unpacking, files that need filing (a huge pile of paid bills), and my closet is full of 'stuff' that I should have given away.

But this morning I am grateful for the snowy slow-down day. Grateful to find a few moments between phone calls and list making (I am an eternal list maker, but still disorganized), to look at the white expanse before me.

Christmas cards have not been sent, the Christmas rush has barely begun, we have a huge open house to show off our new place this Saturday, but today, just for today, and really, all I have is this moment, I am not going to panic, not going to rush left right and center. Just accept the moment, one heartbeat at a time.

I invite you to put aside the list for a moment, and look at your window. Is there a cardinal calling to you? is there a squirrel burying nuts? or is there a blank slate, a white board of fluff, for you to gaze at and relax for a minute.

enjoy the pre-holiday, pre-rush if you can.

ps I must write to you about discussions with my daughter about hair colour - she's 16 and already streaks her dirty blonde hair with darker brown and lighter highlights. Now she wants to go dark brown! and I say, too much money every 6 weeks, and too much hassle with roots showing and getting it done all the time. Vanity permits me to cover the gray, but why does a 16 year old have to change her colour?