Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties

there are tea parties with mad hatters, there are tea parties with mad republicans, and there are tea parties with mad as a hatter English artists, and then there are tea parties with genteel ladyfolk in Norfolk county

this is the kind of tea party we celebrated Easter Sunday in Norwich, with my sister and her friends, with gluten free jam tarts, fruit cake and hot cross buns, strawberries and cream, chocolate, hard-boiled eggs, and lots and lots of tea in a giant black teapot (provided by Eileen).

Thanks Sue for providing us with such lovely company, and hello to Margaret, Maggie, Tricia and Eileen and Magida.

Sue took us on a quick trip to the East Anglian seaside on Saturday, and through the fog and rain we glimpsed a bit of the sandy (or was that mud flats) coast from Blakeney to Cromer, ate real fish and chips in a pub, and drank more English tea. Rode the national rail back to London

where we shopped at Top Shop, a great discovery; Harrod's was an eye-opening experience (especially the luxury ladies room with perfume bottles out on the counter); we saw Les Miz, rode the Underground up, down and sideways, the London Eye and Piccadilly Circus, drew the line at mega line-ups at Madame Tussaud's, and ate a picnic lunch in Hyde Park, just after watching the ducks and swans in Regent's Park. On the way home, we stopped into the Beatles store and bought a t-shirt for J, the music lover, and saw Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street.

back on the express train to Heathrow airport, and a long flight home,
back to crocuses, spring in Montreal, and no more snow,
and a cuppa green tea chai,
to recover from jet lag,
and reiki and reflexology,

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Sue said...

Yup its was a brillian whirlwind visit. I still have leftover goodies from the tea! Come see me again anytime...and we will visit the coast without the fog....its stunning. Having visitors always reminds me of how much I love England. Glad to share this sweet and gently land with you....
xx Sue