Thursday, August 05, 2010

Divine feminine and all that

Facebook turns up so many interesting leads - I was checking it out this morning, clicking on people's links, and found an article written in Huffington Post by a guy named Arjuna, about the deep sense of worship for his wife, embodying the Divine Feminine, and his process for peeling back the layers, going deeper in relationship.

Another woman, author of Writing down the Soul, asked on her facebook link, what about the Divine Masculine? Which is always a funny sounding question because we've been trained and enforced, it's practically encoded in our DNA, at least in a traditional way, to be in relation to a Divine Masculine in the form of G-O-D.  Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, MOhammed, Allah, hmmmm they all have that in common.

But something else came up for me, immediately. The delicious feeling I had the other night, while I was dozing, half-asleep, spread out on the bed in my little cotton nightgown, and my significant other crept into the room and moved his warm hands up and down the length of my body, squeezing the rounder bits and cressing the long back muscles. I was enjoying the tingling sensations, but still half asleep, not really roused or aroused yet.  Then he left to go change a light bulb outside, and walk the dog! leaving me in a state of anticipation for that meeting between the masculine and feminine....

here's the thing - what is divine defies description, it is 'other' yet it is familiar. It happens in trance, in meditation, in slow motion, in heightened states, in sixth senses and higher chakras.....words can't describe it. So maybe, what is meant by 'divine masculine' or feminine is just that....a place where words can't take us, but where souls meet, and touch, inside of bodies, melting our boundaries and separateness.

I don't worship that, but I adore it. I mean, I really love it when that happens. That merging that I can un-merge from. When we loosen our tight little baggage and just float in sensation together.  When we get all primal, animal, grounded ino ur bodies, and yet transcend them too. This morning I woke up with a Beatles song in my head, 'Imagine I'm in love with you, it's easy cause I know...." and then I stretched, jumped in the shower singing and remembered, oh yeah, we made love last night.  I fell asleep so satisfied, with a deep inner smile.

That union is not the same as the so-called 'divine union' of my soul with the larger Soul/Creator whatever you want to call it, that doesn't need two bodies to transport me. But it is pretty damn transcendent.

I think we're hard wired for that stuff.

have a great humid hot August dog-days kind of day,


Raven said...

Wow ... thanks for this beautiful article. I have been thinking about the human side of love...missing a lover who is now far away. And wondering if it's even worth it...maybe I should stick to the inner love/inner knowledge... is it necessary to choose one or the other etc etc. You gave me a lovely answer.

Anonymous said...

My soul sighed in accordance and pleasure when I read your words, so beautifully expressed.

You have 'tackled' the subject of the Divine Feminine and Masculine with a hearty helping of profundity, joy, and wisdom.

I'm reminded of the Yab-Yum concept in Tantric Buddhism.

I shall return for more servings of your wisdom, muse mother.

Momma Moon said...

This is a wonderful post, full of love, clarity and light. Feels so good to bask in the glow of your wise words again. ♥ Momma Moon ♥

musemother said...

thanks Sue and Momma Moon for your good feedback. it's nice to know that my thoughts resonate with you.
have a great day