Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cycles and Fallow Times at Mid-Life

Have you noticed that even after your monthly cycle has stopped you still feel like you have a cycle?

You can't call it PMS anymore, but there are moody times, ups and downs, cranky irritable days and out of sorts days, as well as Happy Happy Happy as Pharell Williams days.

When I hit a cranky out of sorts day, I usually forget that what I really need is some down time - the other day, Easter Monday, my husband came home early from work. We were both overtired from three Easter brunches or suppers, too much of a good thing (wine, especially affects me). Just can't party like we used to!

So he went to play solitaire on the computer in the home office, and I escaped to my daughter's empty room (yes, we are empty nesters) to curl up in a red velvet chair and read a book. Then I lay down for half an hour before cooking supper. When I woke up, I felt much better.

Sometimes, it's a walk outdoors that revives me, like this morning, after Zumba class, a mixture of pilates, yoga and salsa dancing with weights, my dog needed to go outside, and since the weather is gorgeous, and sunny, after 24 hours of rain, I leapt at the chance to pull on my sneakers and walk.

I am not very active, physically, so all this exercise is new for me. My favourite is still yoga, but since my muscle mass is disappearing (at age 59), I have to keep up with it.

So exercise and sleep are two things that get me back on track when I'm cycling low. I know my estrogen is low because I have a touch of vaginal atrophy and am taking a supplement for that. And I've been treated for adrenal fatigue in the last year, so I know that feeling tired, although it affects me less and less, needs to be taken care of.

Can you learn your new post-menopausal cycle? Pay attention to your need for rest, good nutrition, and exercise - especially outdoors in this good weather. Your body, our women's bodies, may not bounce back as quickly as they used to, and may need more upkeep and maintenance - don't let your chassis fall apart. Get regular checkups and oil changes! Sunny days are here again.....

that's my spring advice for you post-menopausal babes!

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