Thursday, May 15, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio and Mid-Life tasks

Reflection on the May 14 Full Moon, 2014

"This Scorpio Full Moon asks us to contemplate the most important law of life—facing what needs to die and acknowledging what wants to live—so we can understand what we value and what supports our future growth. 

We cannot grow further as individuals or as a world until we accept don Juan’s wisdom to take ‘death as our adviser’. We fear death and refuse to face it until we are forced to—unfortunately, we are facing death because we let climate change get out of hand instead of dealing with it years ago. 

This Scorpio Full Moon can push us to face what we’ve refused to face and finally acknowledge the task." 
~ Cathy Lynn Pagano,

What I feel is that mid-life women go through this stage as part of their journey. We are over fifty, we are facing a finite length of time, and our own mortality. And we are renewing our identity and perhaps letting go of our old self to welcome in something new we can't quite imagine yet. 

At mid-life, this ‘dying and letting go’ is one of our most important tasks. 

It means doing the underground work, the sorting and dividing, looking at all the tasks we do, the projects left unfinished, the projects not yet born but simmering, the patterns that no longer serve us, and looking also at what ignites a fire in our heart, what makes us truly come alive. 

It is time to let go and burn what is draining, exhausting and depleting our energy, and welcome in what is gratifying, promotes growth and allows us to feel one with our authentic self.

Ask yourself, where is my power? What feeds its root? What brings you the greatest Joy? Believe in yourself and find the Courage to go for that.

Yes, it means dying to the old ways, and allowing rebirth to happen.

It means cutting away what makes us feel small, what keeps us limited.

On a personal level, what is pushing you to take action?

What is calling you to move towards living an optimal, creative life?

 I found that Journaling and SoulCollage(R) were two really great tools that helped me reflect and find my own answers. (As well as a lot of books, classes and on-line workshops to further clarify). If you need help with getting started, visit my website, check out the book The Tao of Turning Fifty, or just pop me a question in the comment box or my email

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