Monday, September 04, 2006

bug soup

Bug soup

Inside the chrysalis
The transforming cocoon place
The low-lying energy renewal space
There is melting going on
Before the muscle and wing
Before the colour and deft flight
The poor caterpillar reduced to a liquid mess.

And that is exactly how I felt
At 49, awaiting the end of bleeding
The big change
I lay low and felt my muscles liquefy,
All my energy turned inward.
No more dizzy crawling, running and doing
Just rest
And more rest,
Even naps in the afternoon.

Until my beautiful wings began to grow
And surround me with rainbow reflections.
Sunshine called me out.
We dried our flimsy wet things
And took off.


Rasu Seiro said...

Thanks alot for your comment, but the haiku was not written by me! When you saw the post I had just published it and forgot to mention the source.

I've read your poem and I really liked it. You're now bookmarked, I'll be coming back to see some more.

Keep it up.

musemother said...

Well I'll send you a haiku of mine anyway - maybe you can add it - it's very Canadian - about our wintery springs: of course it's beginning of fall right now.

Spring storm

In the middle of snow flakes,
one black crow huddles.
Maple buds cracked white.

thanks for reading my poem,

Rasu Seiro said...

I'm posting your poem, I hope it's ok to do so and to refer your blog.

musemother said...

sure Rasu, that's ok, it's unpublished until now! is part of my collection Longing & Desire. can't remember your blog name, and the one linked here is in Portuguese ....can you send a link? thanks

Rasu Seiro said...

Yeah, the blog you saw is an old one. The address to the "Last Chance of Salvation" is