Monday, January 15, 2007

Snowy peace

I never thought I'd be so happy to see snow!

It's been over a month since our last bit of whiteness on the lawn, and today glorious drifts are piling up.

Trees are covered in white, cedar hedges bending with the extra weight. And as long as one stays indoors, it's lovely to contemplate.

Peaceful....or is it just calm? Listening to Maharaji in Dallas on Saturday, he said something that peaked my curiousity. 'Calm is not peace.' When you see a landscape that is quiet, or you feel calm inside, that is not necessarily peace. At least not the same peace he is talking about.'s true there is a question of presence, of the mind being aborbed and focussed, not just quiet. It hardly ever is quiet. Sitting in meditation this morning I felt peaceful, excited, tranquil, serene.....actually words don't do it justice, do they? But I wouldn't have called it calm.

On some busy days, with too many alarms going off about what to do, errands and phone calls and business sending me scurrying, frantic.....even a feeling of calm would do.

But the thirst in my heart is for more than just a calm day. You can be too calm, be-calmed in the flat waters with no wind, no movement, as Maharaji described it.

I think peace is something else. Peace answers the thirst of the heart for life, energy; it comes with a quickening of the heart, a light that dances in the eyes like the look a newborn gives her mother. Peace reaches deep inside of me and awakens me from torpor, from absence, fills my pores with presence.

Hmmmm. Let there be peace,




Panachio said...

I live in Edmonton and am just saying "hello" via a comment. Your name is familiar here but it's not likely you know me. You may enjoy seeing my blog and you're welcome to discard this comment for it was only meant as a message. And a cheerful Valentines Day too, for yourself and family. :)

Panachio said...

Hi Jennifer:

I don't think I met you when you lived here but 1980 was when I started my "Knowledge Journey". Some other people here know you and say you were a swell girl then. :)

I web master the local Knowledge site for Edmonton:

I may be able to help you with your video question if you wish to visit my blog here and "View My Complete Profile" to send me an e-mail.

Otherwise, it's difficult to dialogue via public comments like this one?


Don Panachio de La Sundance said...

Lordy, looks like I was already here a year ago, time flies and I'd forgotten. I was talking with Mike from the Spirit River String Band and he mentioned still having some tape recordings of you singing with the band, and if he could figure out how he wanted to get them over to mp3s and likely send you a copy.

Some Valentines came around this year for Maharaji, quite a big surprise over here. :)