Wednesday, January 03, 2007

musing on the pause

Ladies who lunch and gab about their lives often talk of their menopausal symptoms. Today was no different. At our annual lunch, two of my best friends got together over Indian thalis and pakoras.

One of my friends, recently returned to work after burn-out, is still fatigued and not sleeping well except while on vacation, when she sleeps in til 8:30 a.m. What am I going to do when school starts again? she asks.

The other friend, also recently taking a break from work after burn-out, mentioned a naturopath had prescribed supplements to help her build up her adrenals. Thus we launched into a discussion of adrenal fatigue. Not too unusual in mid-life, and apparently common at menopause for women, according to Christiane Northrup, MD.

"Chronic stress over a long period of time leads to adrenal depletion and is a setup for menopausal problems. The stronger a woman's adrenals and the better her general nutrition, the easier the transition into menopause.....

Another source of fatigue: "Hot flashes are related to blocked kundalini energy and unused sexual juice. The kundalini energy begins to rise naturally around the age of forty, and it 'activates' the chakras through which it passes.

Any unfinished business residing in the lower chakras will make itself known during the menopausal years."
Women's bodies women's wisdom, Dr. Christiane Northrup

So there you have it. I have also read that sleeplessness is a side effect of exhausted adrenal glands. Rest, rest, rest, and eat well. Follow the simple-minded steps for wisdom posted earlier on this blog. Women need to be told what their instincts have been telling them for years....

take care of yourselves,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn it's Sue. Happy New Year! I am an expert (through experience) on adrenal fatigue. Some things I have found helpful: Licorice Root tea (builds and supports the adrenals)Green Stuff(chlorela, Spirulina, Alfalfa etc, Parsley (as tea).And medicainal grade Nutmeg(get it from a herbalist) can be taken (in small doses) when the whole system is revving so much it can't shut off. Helps me sleep. xx

musemother said...

thanks Sue, very helpful, I'll pass it on.
have a good night's sleep!