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Well, I forgot how to get back and post another blog, so can't say as I am an expert yet at blogging. It's already been 2 months plus.

Haven't seen anyone answering my quest for info on women's cycles. I am researching a book on the value of the menstrual cycle, and some myths and facts about menstruation. Instead of seeing it as a curse, why can't we understand our symptoms of discomfort may also be coming from our discomfort with our female bodies in general, and with being either overtired, or plain not listening to our need for rest, food, exercise, all reflected in increasing annoyance and PMS. As women and mothers especially, we are raised to be good girls, to give to others before ourselves, and to meet everyone else's needs. Barring any medical reasons for discomfort, it's worth investigating your/our own need for quiet, alone time, and reflection on our inner lives during the few days leading up to our periods. (I personally know at least 4 women who are suffering from burn-out in midlife, and they probably each know four....all work and no play, or rest time makes Jill a dull girl. Menopause, peri-menopause - time to play catch up with self-care)

Ever thought about taking a sabbatical? Well, the thing is, even if you can't leave the job or home for a year, you can take mini-sabbaticals, or mini-retreats to soothe your soul. A walk near a lake, or in a local arboretum, botanical gardens or spending a night outside the city looking at the stars....even staying home and snuggling under the covers once a week instead of running like a maniac to all the social activities we feel we have to least I feel I have to do, these are some of the things I like to do to get back in touch with my woman's soul.
As well as yoga and meditation, walks with my dog, these are my favourite retreats for the sacred feminine in me - and they are not only good for women. Men have an inner feminine too!

Ok that's enough from me - I'm going to send this blog address to people I know all over the place, and see who responds.
A sunny but cold April day in Montreal,
p.s. I am reading some poems in the guise of Ms Menopause next week April 13, at the Atwater Library. Then April 22, in Portland Ontario. Will post those details later.
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