Monday, April 24, 2006


Poetry Readings in April,
rundown: last Saturday night in Portland Ontario, at the Legion Hall, a rousing round of poetry by John B, from LA, myself and Anders, organized with gusto by Anders Carson and his wife Vicky, and their lovely community. Jazz band's lively sets in between kept us bopping and hopping.
Thanks to all for such a great welcome and keen ears and hearts.

Atwater Poetry Project: ms Menopause in attendance again - boy she gets around. Took off her hat and gloves (Sabbatu, rest day, means no work, lie on the lounger) and read from the heart. A quiet audience, but appreciative. Thanks to Oana for organizing this series> Even if the venue is uninspiring....

Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, classes of Mrs. Lori Brown, Grade nine and ten. Young Poets Week event. (QWF and League of Canadian Poets)
It was a pleasure to introduce these lively young people to some poets they may not have heard before, to awaken the ear to sound and the eye to metaphor: Neruda's Ode to my Sox, and Quincy Troupe's Magic Johnson - full of basketball lingo that the guys in the class translated for me - take it to the hoop Magic! My first time reading in a classroom, and I hope not the last.

Cafe l'Utopik and Restaurant El Rancho,
both bilingual events, with readings and music and even puppets made of driftwood. Thanks to Lynne Cooper who let me unveil Ms Menopause in her leopard skin pill box hat (of Bob Dylan variety) and read a message from the Queen of Heaven, and to Elizabeth Roberts for the trilingual event with Chilean poets in attendance too.


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