Wednesday, July 05, 2006

bare bones and motherfamine

we are the bones of our mothers, we come from the bones of our mothers, we are starved for the cellular lustre of our mother's listening, our hearts crave mothering, and it feels good to read about Mary Magdalene as part of the Divine Mother that was 'x'd out of our conscious worship/awe eons ago, after the mother goddesses (read: pagan idols) were destroyed, burned, defiled, and the Father gods enthroned in her place - we lost the couple-ness, the duality. Life is duality, life is dual, egg and sperm, yin and yang. Night and day.

this motherfamine is our song of loss and ache of being for somehting deep, rooted inside our female bodies (and our male bodies), a call or longing for wholeness.

she was lost to us before we were born, as Adrienne Rich says. this honey nectar of mother love - how love the self, if you are woman, and are not in love with the feminine?

some musings on the brink of thunder, under a darkening sky, this July morning, watching the wind in the oak leaves frolic and blow. Remember the anointing, the sacred ointment poured out over Jesus, 'wasted' some said, the bride of the king giving him a special symbolic bathing in rich perfumed oils, and then her tears, and her hair rubbing his feet dry. the sensuality of spirit marrying spirit, inside the flesh.

Manna, breath of life, says the Dolphin in my cards this morning. Connect with divine energy through breath. Sacred Breath.

Dear reader, come play in the great ocean! Breathe, dance, dive deep. Open your heart and receive. Life.

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