Thursday, April 05, 2007

April, Easter and Belly Wisdom

Picture from Taos, Writer's spa, Circle Talk
This is the last year both kids will be in the same school and have holidays at Easter so we are headed to Panama with another family, to enjoy beach and tropical jungle and maybe glimpse the canal.

But what I really want to tell you about is a book I've just picked up again, you know, the one on the shelf that just jumps out at you and says, read me! It's called The Woman's Belly Book. (I'm not good at putting links, but you can find it on Amazon or Indigo I'm sure).

I opened it up to the page, Enhance your Intuition - 'trust your gut'. Very timely because of all the changes coming up: a possible move, major renovations that would entail, causing that jiggly feeling of fear in the belly. But sometimes you have to move on through that.

The author (Lisa Sarasohn) says you know what your gut instincts are telling you in three ways:

"If I center my awareness in my belly and ask myself "What will happen if I....?" an image comes to mind that gives me an idea of the consequences. (I immediately see the view from the lake, ok)

If I focus my awareness in my belly as I'm considering my options, my belly tenses up as I think of one choice and relaxes as I think of another. (I picture that house, that view, then I picture staying put and ... hmmm, not clear).

When I'm writing in my journal about an issue that's been troubling me and come to a resolution, my belly rumbles, affirming my insight out loud!" (I'll have to try that one).

A magazine, Sagewoman, that I picked up this afternoon while rummaging for inspiration, had its whole issue based on grounding and centering. I took that as a clue to what I need today. This week has been scattered, almost dangerously so. I left the house on Monday to buy running shoes with my son, and when we got back an hour later, the kitchen was smokey, the alarm was beeping, and the dog was in a panic. I had left beets boiling on a back burner, and forgot to turn it off. That's a feeling I don't want to repeat ever! Then I rushed out to a choir evening, but first, a quick visit to the possible dream house. The alarm was shrieking over there, too! wrong code input.

Forgot to put summer tires in the car for the garage appointment next morning (had to push forward another appointment the next day to drive in the tires). Booked Caitie a massage for after school, but her dance class was 2 hours long that afternoon; my cell phone battery was dead so she couldn't let me know; I drove there and back without finding her, assuming she'd taken the bus home. Luckily J had come home early and drove twenty minutes back to get her. Then to her massage, where she fell asleep, poor darling. I cooked supper at least while he was gone, and was done in time to take Caitie to see the homeopath at 7:30! ...what a day...I think I need a massage after this crazy week.

Sigh, anyway, you know how it goes. There are some weeks like that. Today was a blessed day of rest, relatively speaking. Only a few little duties, phone calls and documents came my way. I did some yoga, mused and read, wrote and rested.

But now, it's supper time....then Easter brunch for 20 people to plan and prepare, a community meeting to speak at Saturday night, the chalet to close up for spring....

I hope you have a restful long weekend, and sleep in :)

Happy Spring Solstice and Easter/Passover/


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