Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monthly period alert

Clipped this out of the Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper:

heather Rivers, a student at the University of Chicago, has created a web site to help women keep track of their periods.
You can visit to find out more. Here's a brief snippet from them about how it works:

You register on the site. Each time you start your period, add the date to your Mon.thly account, and it will use your history to predict the next time your cycle will start. This provides you with a record of your menstrual cycles, which can be an important addition to your medical history. If you want, Mon.thly will also email you a customized reminder before or on your next estimated start date.

It will help you predict your ovulation date, tell you what phase of your cycle you are in, calculate the average length of your cycle and your 'normal' date of ovulation.

Personally, I would use my own body as the sign for ovulation, using the mucuous method as explained on this site:

It's especially important in peri-menopause because, as my doctor told me, after age 40 your ovulation may occur any time after the last day of your period, not only in the 14 day range.

But what a wonderful idea to have your own menstrual chart on-line, with monthly reminders that you should carry some pads or tampons in your purse that week. Most of us blithely go along without recording the dates, without looking at the moon, or using any other system of remembering. It's the first step to getting to know your body better.

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

I used the ovulation calculator and now I'm really period always comes on the new moon so I thought that I was ovulating on the full moon, but according the calculators my fertile days begin 10 days after the first day of my period, which is a few days before the full moon....

Jennifer Boire said...

dear ang-la,
you can keep track of your period over a few months to see what the relationship with the moon is like. I used to have my periods on the full moon, then it switched over time to the new moon; just the fact of paying attention to it can affect your cycle. Knowing when you ovulate is important :)
best of luck

Jennifer Boire said...

ps you can use the mucous method to discover your fertile days