Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Laundry and Writing

Canadian hero folds laundry

Today, CBC radio listeners have nominated Terry Fox as
an outstanding Canadian hero. May 10, 2004

Folding laundry, with quiet
I understand that chaos
and its theory need to be folded and put
in its place.
That the poet and artist’s role
is to fold chaos and put order
into words is a given,
that the housewife’s role is
to fold laundry and put
order into her house
is a given,
that the poet/housewife has a role
and that both of these roles
are equally essential to the universe
for they promote order
over chaos
is equally true, thus

as long as there are housewives and poets,
the laundry of the world
will never be left in dirty piles
and the dirty chaos lying await
in the basements of the world
will be neatly cleaned and folded
one more day.


Threeundertwo said...

I absolutely love this! Thank you.

Jennifer Boire said...

well three, you made my day!
thanks for commenting - it takes a mom who's trying to juggle writing and laundry to know :)
have a good day,
ps back to cutting onions for supper

bella said...

ah, just lovely.