Saturday, January 07, 2012

Musemother Newsletter for January

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This month's theme is Self-Compassion. Here's a brief excerpt:

"There are many things I could consider working on in the new year, that is if I believed in making resolutions. But the best advice I`ve received lately suggested putting off New Year`s until February 1st because most of us are still overextended and over-tired from the holiday marathon of parties, gifts, hostessing and traveling.

However, if I did make a list, self-compassion might be at the top of it. Partly because, the first thing my mind started doing on my first day back from holidays was start in on me about how the house is a mess, start putting decorations away, take down the tree, etc. I have a really hard time giving myself permission to rest and enjoy some creative loafing time. For a writer, that`s a really big challenge -  to take time off from house stuff to do the creative stuff.

So I picked up a small book I got in my Christmas stocking, How to be Compassionate, by the Dalai Lama. ..."

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menopausal mama said...

I like your blog. it sure is hard to find time for "creative loafing", especially during the holidays. I've been writing for years but finding time is always a challenge. Thanks for sharing!