Saturday, April 06, 2013

April is Poetry Month

In honour of the Laurentians, where spring melt is glorious, and comes a few weeks later.

Spring melt

Everywhere a fine mist
a million drops rising
into spring air.

Freezing rain iced the roads last night,
layered trees in thin lace.
Now, morning sun tilts the snowwoman,
       head tilts onto ground
arms stuck in the leaning boulders.

Melting snow reveals a rock.
Geese wing northward
in small gaggles.

Spring runoff
from the roof races
my pulse erratic.

last night’s dream moving
up and up
a staircase
looking for You.

I wrote this poem back when the kids were little, and I had broken my leg skiing, so confined to the chalet while they hit the hills. I loved the sunroom in the chalet we rented then, near Ste-Adele and my alone time, writing, reading, lying in the sun stretching the wounded leg, healing and hanging out with the dog.

I later rewrote it, shortened it, took the Samurai Sword and it became:

Spring melt

Geese wing northward
in small gaggles.
Everywhere a fine mist
rises, million drops
lift into air.
Through the windows,
light erratic,
roof runoff spills
from the gutters.

Last night’s dream
moving up & up
a mobile staircase
looking for      

and was published in For the Birds, my last collection of poems.

Happy spring all

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