Thursday, May 02, 2013

10 ways to spoil Mom for Mother’s Day (without spending money)

If you’re a mom, what would your favourite gift be? Mine would be free time just for me. Here are some ideas for gifts that don't cost anything, except a little loving attention.

You could leave this list lying around the week before Mother's Day or ask your kids to give you a coupon with one of these ideas on it, instead of spending money on a bauble or another coffee mug that will gather only dust on your shelf.

1. Make her some fizzy bath salts: follow these easy steps at
2.  Give her a coupon in a home-made card promising to clean your room or do own laundry.
3.  Make her favorite breakfast and serve it to her in bed (Dad can help!)
4Give her a foot massage. Don’t know how?
5. Having someone else cook dinner is a great gift! Pasta is easy…
6. Write mom a poem: a funny limerick, a short haiku, or make an acrostic with her name
7. Pick some wild bluebells and make her a spring bouquet. 
8. Remember her favourite colour and use it to make a home-made card.
9.   Make her a frame with pictures of her favourite kids (you!).
10.  Coupon for free babysitting for a spa day (idea from Dad, a whole day off!)

Happy Spring!

ps another great gift idea for a mom in mid-life (in her forties or fifties) is the book The Tao of Turning Fifty, What Every Woman in Her Forties Needs to Know, which gives tips and exercises for self-care and mothering yourself!

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