Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Creative and soulful means

I think creativity expresses itself through us like water seeking its own level will flow anywhere, even upwards and backwards.

Flow is a key word. When I play with my creative materials in my Art Journal, whether with collage, pastels, crayons or felt tip pens, I lose all sense of time. I enter the zone of Flow. Time is fluid.

Soulfullness, to me, is a state of being in flow also. It has a quality of openness to my emotional state, to the colour of my mood. Listening to the blues can feel soulful, or dancing in the kitchen to Laura Nyro songs while cooking up tomatoes for spaghetti sauce. Or sitting down in the morning to center myself in meditation before jumping up to start the day.

I am musing this summer, reading and writing, and not blogging much, but a new page will appear by the end of summer, hopefully, with more thoughts on how to be Creative and Soulful.

How do we nurture the soul? By revering our own life. By treating it as supremely important. By reaching for the best within ourselves. By learning to love it all, not only the joys and the victories, but also the pain and struggles.

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