Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Soul of a Child alive and Well

At the recent Taos Writer's spa, someone wrote a note about my creative play presentation : soul of a child alive and well!

I put that one on my desk, in front of the picture of the gazebo with chaise lounge by the sea, where the Queen of Heaven has installed her self to rest and recoup for the busy days ahead.

The quote I picked one day at the circle was "Let the beauty you love be what you do" (Rumi). That too, is a reminder about what I am here for. I love the 'doing', but the 'letting the beauty be' is harder to hold on to in the midst of summer vacation, nephews visiting, kids plans overriding my own projects, and dizzy housecleaning after painters have come through and left plaster dust over three rooms. So the challenge yesterday was how to find beauty in housecleaning -- not so hard, after all. After I had mopped the floors (enlisting help from daughter and son), replaced the hall carpets, the office/library carpet and chairs, plugged in the modem and set up the computer, done five loads of laundry and some grocery shopping, the house felt beautiful again and my peace of mind returned.

Soul of a child, inside the mother, alive and well. I am reminded of that daily, as I begin to lose patience with the holidaying TV watchers, or go hysterical in the car with two teens teasing each other, pinching, squealing in loud voices. I can laugh and giggle too. I don't have to take myself so seriously.

Play, create, be a child again was part of the precious Taos message. We found the joy in creating something from nothing in our last workshop - I made a crown for the Queen of Heaven out of paper rollers for coins, scissors and tape, then walked around the group parading it, while telling the story I had written about Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, taking a day off at the full moon when she was menstruating. Rest, the key word for menopausal women, mothering women, and menstruating women. Rest and renew. Give yourself a break, and a nap.

So, off to breakfast for the troops, and a day at the water park. Guess I'll play a bit more before school starts and my work days begin in earnest!

top of the morning to you,


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