Monday, March 12, 2007

real women and compassion

Hi there, I'm not gone missing, just away from my desktop and laptop recently.

I have been writing about compassion and love for a while now, and god/ss decided to take me at my word and throw me a real life challenge, or two.

One of my good friends is journeying towards health through the cancer minefield, and a niece of mine landed on my doorstep, out of hospital on her way to the detox center, with a broken leg and a few other ailments needing medication, and a very big appetite!

So, I feel like a have a new baby in the house - it's very sweet, she is very sweet, and we get along fine. She sleeps a lot, eats a lot, and smiles a lot. Amazing, because I was expecting a very hard uphill battle.....instead I feel like I'm in a state of grace.

Those of you who know me, know I am usually kind and generous (hmmm) unless my patience is stretched, and then, watch out! But here is someone who is more fragile and vulnerable than myself, more challenged in emotional reactions because more brutalized, and yet behaving well under the circumstances. I feel very lucky to have found her again (she was lost to us for almost a year). And very grateful that she is back in one piece, and in need of our love.

So after writing that Women's Day manifesto, I find myself with a beautiful chance to walk my talk, and put compassion into action. Fierce protective love, overwhelming, achingly beautiful, caring love, patient, cooking and cleaning, serving love. Silent and strong love. Woman/mother/aunt/sister/daughter love.

My husband and kids are in on it too - we are all treating this love-starved woman with the best family love we know how. She's had a pretty rough nine months on the streets.

And my friend is also on the receiving end of a lot of care and love. And some chinese herbs, and healing stuff. Hats off to all who are helping him recover.

Gracious, our world needs healing! But the only place to start is here, now, at home, with those nearest and closest to us.

gratefully, in grace,


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