Friday, March 23, 2007

Listen to the Birds! poem for spring

it's not quite Earth Day yet, but the birds in Montreal
are chortling, singing, tu-twhit-tuuing like crazy. It
almost feels like Spring. Oreo is listening to that red
cardinal whistling in the back yard.....

Listen to the birds/Earth Day

The prodigious wind doth blow and heartily.

Something is about to happen.
Listen, it calls you…
bright from within the shining …
glistens, whispers, wet, alive.

Speak, but from the wordless place.

This wind outspeaks the loud roadways
outvoices birds, bells,
the ubiquitious
chrome chimes.

The open sky above the field
echoes dump trucks’ rattle.

Overhead high clouds line up,
booming by. Dark over the lake,
coming fast

See the red-winged black-bird,
hear the willow breathe –
all that roaring wind
punching branches up and down.

This is the week, the day
it may happen,
the first leaves.

Listen to the birds, robins, crows
They speak from the wordless place.
Listen, something

is about to….

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