Thursday, March 15, 2007


Breathing is highly underrated.

Most of us do it without noticing, unless we begin to run and then run out of breath. Or have a chest cold or congestion, then breathing is difficult.

Today, in our Women's Centre class, we sat and listened to a body awareness meditation by Joan Borysenko, a little visit into the body to check in, see how we were feeling.

Fifteen minutes passed, it may have seemed long to some. I know I was aware of all the little children being picked up by their mommies in the daycare right next to us, their voices echoing in the hallway, happy noise. But mostly I noticed the energy lightly moving inside my arms and legs and back, and how calm everyone felt after the tape was over.

It feels good to breathe. It feels good to bring awareness down into the belly of the breath.

I think too much most days, and when I want to slow down, I sit and let my attention fall into the rhythm of my belly breath. It feels like wisdom, cause it's so nurturing and simple.

When my mind is racing, in panic mode, or just worrying about a list of things to get done in too little time, as usual, it feels like the last thing I have time to do.

But I do it anyway. With a stretch over the counter, or a deep intake of breath and arms overhead, or head down, hands dangling to the floor. Or just sitting here in my comfy chair with a dog on my lap. (Mollie is real small, a shit-zu mixed with bichon, a lovely warm weight).

So I invite you to check into your body, now, while you're reading this.

Take a long, slow breath in, and out.
Close your eyes for one minute. Give thanks.

We don't know how many of these we're going to get, do we?

Life energy circulates with each one. Yeah!

what else is new?



chel said...

Hello Jenn....THank you so much for your encouragement. It means so much.
Breath, AH YES....such a simple divine way to bring us present, I too am often way too much in my head. I appreciate the reminder to BREATHE. I love the work of Joan Borysenko. I find your references and words so affirming. I am very curious about your "Writing the Body" work. I do a lot work with women and body image I'd love more info. Also I am going to look for "Little Mother" at amazon???
Be well new friend.

musemother said...

Hi Chel
thanks for leaving me such lovely comments. The Writing the Body class came out several books I was reading - Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom, Christiane Northrup, plus a workbook for journal writing, Writing from Life, Susan Wittig Albert, and a workshop with Marion Woodman. It was a mixture of talking about the parts of the body, and listening to them, taking notes so to speak.
Little Mother is only available in second-hand stores on line, or I have 2 copies left'd love it. partly a history of my mother's alcoholic years (and my childhood) and a birth journal of my pregnancy, the light and dark side of mothering
soon I'll make a list of all the wonderful sites and books I love.
keep writing :)

chel said...

Thanks Jen, Can I purchase a copy of Little Mother from you then? THe workshop sounds wonderful...I'm very familiar with the work of Northrup and Woodman but not Albert.I coordinate a Health & Wellness Program for our county I work primarily with women and girls a primary focus is body image.I strongly encourage journaling and creative expression as a tool for health and healing. I also founded a small org. to aid women financially take positive steps for change in their lives. Currently I'm studying in a Holistic Health Practitioner program as well. Life is full. I'm still reading your past posts bit by bit. I find my head nodding, often as I find your thoughts and references so affirmimg and true to myself.