Monday, May 07, 2007

Centering in Peace

This morning I sat with myself in the quiet, and let myself sink into the core of peace at my center. There is nowhere else I want to be. There is nothing more important that needs doing.

This is a radical change of awareness, and a necessary one for me.

Finally, I am losing interest in running myself ragged, in losing myself in frantic activity, in senseless doing just to get things done on 'time'. My list of things to do is still there. And yes, the laundry is getting done thanks to a lovely machine in my mudroom. A few more piles await. There are phone calls to make, and people to see.

It's not like I'm a monk in a monastery. I spent a busy weekend preparing for our annual choir competition, then singing for 6 minutes on a big bright stage in Springfield Massachusetts with the Sweet Adelines Region 1. Superb singing, and accapella entertainment all weekend, even on the bus ride home. I came back to my family of teens, dog, and cats, and to a wonderful roast pork lovingly cooked by my husband (his first). The busy beat goes on.

But the thirst, from deep in my heart this first day back, was not to catch up on emails, or read the newspaper back to back, but to sit and feel the warm glow inside me. I must feel this calm centre. I must drink from this oasis. No more eliding, sliding and gliding away from it. Here is nurturing, here is self-care, here is delight, and much much more than this - Maybe only my big toe has gone under the waves, but the ocean beckons. Lose your fear, baby, come in. All the way in.

Being human amounts to this: be conscious and enjoy every moment. Move from there. Be aware of your need - slow down and feel it. I can't tell you why it's important. But it is. Like food, like water, like breath.

See for yourself, feel for yourself, don't take my word for it.

Visit (link on left) to find out more. Or Become your own best friend.

have a wonderful new leaves bursting out kind of day,
ps this week I want to talk about Mother's Day, self-care, mothering ourselves, and so much more. Stay tuned.

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