Thursday, May 31, 2007

Women Bloggers with Heart

Be in awe of this existence.

Be in awe of this breath.

Be in awe of this life.

Be in awe.


I receive some beautiful messages of encouragement and love from strangers over the blogging universe. Not all of them leave email or website information so I can't reply to them except on my own comments.

I'd like to send this out to any of you reading and commenting, or not commenting.

We are all connected. We all learn from each other. And I appreciate the support of the world wide web of women :) Thank you!

Yesterday at my women's circle a health food store owner from came in to speak with us about menopause and health in general. She had so many good tips for us, about products and about basic health in general. On topic of menopause, she took one look at us and said, most of you here are probably not in need of estrogen but progesterone. We all looked at each other. What did she see?

This is what I saw: we are all busy women, with part-time jobs, volunteer work, teenagers, environmental work, all activitists of one sort or another. We all have developed our masculine sides, I presume. The feminine energy, or the idea of feminine as Aphrodite or passive or intuitive, or whatever concept I have, is not what we have chosen to develop or use to get ahead, so it is not being depleted. (this is my limited understanding of her comment - write me if you have a better idea of what the feminine is, please.)

I thought, isn't that interesting - more than one person of the healing variety has mentioned that she thinks women, in the corporate world especially, are too masculine, too yang, not in touch with their feminine side - the link to the intuition, to the unconscious messages, and the receiving end of things (yin) is less developed. Our energy is fiery and bold and accomplishes things. We are doers, busy women, overbooked, overscheduled, and overwhelmed.

I have just added a link to the sidebar, which you should check out if you are a woman who does too much, or recognize that you may be burning out. I have trying to prevent burn-out for several years now, having seen my friends try to recover (it takes years!). Mostly I am uneven in my results - balanced one day (the days I do yoga mostly), too frazzled & busy on the others. On the anxiety producing days I burn out my energy quickly and tend to fall sleep at 8:30 pm. On the balanced energy days, I can go until 11:00 (singing, practising, playing, loving) easily.

It may seem obvious to you, but this is a new discovery for me - that I can exhaust myself by going too quickly. Sometimes I consciously decide to slow down - put on some slow music (new age flute works for me), burn a candle, take a walk down to the lake, stretch into yoga, actually sit down to eat lunch for the time it takes. Ahha, that's what was missing, peace in the belly!

I invite you women with heart to take care of yourselves today by paying close attention to the stomach meter: are you anxious, dizzy, turning in circles, forgetting everything? Stop, breathe, take a teeny-meeny-retreat at your desk or computer. Allow life to calm you. Allow yourself to receive. Open your heart, close your eyes.

There now, isn't that better?

taking my own medecine,


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Carolyn Chambers Clark said...

You sound very centered and spiritual.

Don't listen about the progesterone. It is not a necessary part of menopause. I agree that breathing, taking care of ourselves and paying attention to our feelings is far superior to taking a hormone.

In wellness,

Carolyn Chambers Clark