Monday, June 04, 2007

mini-retreat for Monday

Plus le vin est bon, moins la tete va mal,
il n'y a jamais trop de fetes!

May and June are really hectic months for busy moms; I've been away at singing competitions, atte3nding dance recitals, preparing graduation stuff, jet-setting to France, and this weekend we had three birthday parties at home, two for my husband and one for my 15 year old daughter. What was I thinking?

Anyway, this morning, feeling a little frazzled and confused, I decided to make myself a mini-retreat. (Original idea from Jennifer Louden, Comfort Queen who leads the writer's spa in Taos)

Here's what I did, just because it felt right. You may do things in a different order if you like.

Meditate in silence for one hour
Light a candle from Zena Moon candles
Put on some soothing music (Eversound)
Stretch into yoga on the floor mat, open hips and legs and chest especially tight.
Open my Native American animals cards and do a Medecine Wheel Spread
(like a tarot deck, inner wisdom through our healer animal spirits)
Write in my journal, sit and feel whatever emotions arise.
Make a cup of herbal tea to calm stomach (next on my list).

I didn't turn on the computer or read emails until 11:00 a.m. (a rare thing for me).
I put off laundry and rushing anywhere, phone calls and all household duties.
Note: unplug the phone for real peace.

So there you have it, the ingredients for a successful inner peace retreat! It worked for me.

Through the Animal Medecine cards I found out Lynx at the center of the spread was calling me into inner stillness, and my keen Weasel ears and eyes observed the situations I get stuck in. Deer guided me towards love and compassion instead of fear, and Turkey reminded me that give-away generosity doesn't mean I have to give up Armadillo's need for safe boundaries - just keep the heart vulnerable and open, even while deciding what to take in, and what to exclude from my realm of experience.

have a beautiful day, a peaceful week
all you warriors of love,
p.s. aux amis qui me lisent en francais, un clin d'oeil :)

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