Friday, October 12, 2007

balance and harmony

Yesterday at our women's circle we celebrated the New Moon by making an intention for ourselves, to see it manifest during the coming month. Mine was to create sacred space to rest and create projects in. It is the only way for me to restore sanity and balance in my harried world.

Our Western world, is so keen on making us crazy busy!

I buy into it, scratching off items on my too do list to make myself feel productive.

Today, I took an extra hour after meditating to consult my inner self, my guides, my higher self, whatever you want to call the presence of the Universe inside me. I actually used a deck of Native American animal cards, to find out what was up with me. Whatever works for you...

I put on some yoga music, flute and drum, with voice, and lit some candles.

Breath, and the thirst to go inside and be still - were my highest need.

I even found a place on Oprah's web site that gives you four easy steps to being still. If Oprah thinks we need it, we probably do!

Calm yourself, stay inside, don't let the winds of busy-ness drive you crazy. Find your center and focus, one step at a time. Make room in your life for this balance and harmony.

"Be humbled by your thirst, it is your god calling out to you to be fulfilled". Maharaji, Mexico City, 10 October 2007


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