Thursday, October 25, 2007

Intuition and intentions

Well it really works! Our women's circle met again today and people weighed in our what happened since our last meeting with the Intuitive Guide clairvoyant. We had all written our intentions on a piece of paper at the New Moon, and burned them in the outdoor fireplace at Debra's. We had all had messages from her too, or hints, things we needed to hear on specific quesitons.

Today is the full moon, and we told each other what has happened since then. Amazingly, even the skeptics were confounded by the stuff that arrived. Be careful what you wish for!

I had written that I wanted to create new avenues for learning for women - partly because I'm not sure where to go next, teach workshops or learn how to give great workshops. Anyway, I ended up sending a query to my local Library Lecture series about the class I am leading now on The Feminine Mysteries, with a link to my blogs. The next day she wrote back saying Yes, we'd love to have you give a lecture in 2008. My oh my, things work quickly ....

Someone else said they'd asked for too many things, to do with family, husband, kids, and were bombarded with events, happenings coming at them, too many to deal with.

So it's a good thing I reduced my list to three.

Number one was unconditional love for myself and my family - big smile - seems to be coming in spades :)

Know that the universe is listening when you ask for things, and trust that you will receive what you need!



bella said...

Sometimes it seems that having and writing out those intentions and then releasing them, opens our eyes. Maybe it all wound have happened regardless. But now we SEE. And so we give thanks.

musemother said...

thank you.
I would love to email you but don't see your email address on your blog profile.
can you send me an email?