Wednesday, January 16, 2008

mothers and daughters

I was at the osteopathy's yesterday; my daughter had an appointment but didn't feel well (with her period) so I went in her stead. My neck and shoulders badly needed realignment.

After a wonderful treatment, deep rebalancing of everything in my head and neck, down to the bottom of my spine, we had a talk about K's period pain.

Since I am doing research around the spiritual aspects of menstruation and menopause, I'm reading up on what affects PMS and period pain, but I don't have any periods now myself. I do know that there can be structural causes, and the osteopath has helped K in the past with reducing the cramping from 3 days to one. There are also energy causes.

6 months later, she's due for another treatment. And maybe there is stuck energy from generations past affecting her. There has been some sexual abuse in our family tree, and sometimes healing one generation can affect future and past generations - releasing energy from whichever chakra it's swirling in.

So I'm going to look into this. The osteo said, K is not allowing herself much pleasure in life (and me neither). She said, you both have the 'duty' thing down pat, but what about having fun and relaxing? Perhaps you can't tell K to do yoga or meditate (not cool at her age, cause mommy does it) but you can bring more 'pleasure' into life in other ways. She also said, if you heal yourself, the energy between you will shift, and things will improve for her too.

that is a hopeful thought, and alongside my prayers for her not to grow up a tense uptight person, it's what I intend to look into,


bella said...

Healing yourself, and then step back, the energy will shift and change will happen.
I'm learning this in ever area of my life. All I can do is tend to myself, change things in my own life, and this is enough. The ripples goes out far.

Chloe said...

Jenn- I’ve never heard of energy from one generation affecting another. It’s an interesting concept and I thank you for exposing me to new ideas.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree that the absolute best way to help your daughter is to work on yourself. My mother did a great job parenting me and my brother, esp. considering my dad died and left her to raise us on her own. But if I could wave a magic wand and change one thing about her to give myself a better childhood, a better grounding as a young woman, I would ask for a mother who had good self-esteem, confidence and was not a martyr. I had no role model for strong womanhood. I had only martyrdom modelled for me, so that is what I learned and that is the legacy I've worked so hard to shake.

On a physiological level, your daughter might want to try 1000 I.U. of vitamin E daily. It helps 30% of women with chronic PMS. I have not had a single menstrual cramp since starting on daily E 20 years ago. No, I take that back. When I run out and forget to buy more, small twinges of cramping return. Needless to say, I rarely let myself run out.