Wednesday, August 13, 2008

summer ease and rest

Summertime...and the living is easy :)

if I let myself go, some days I would just be as lazy and slothful as my cats sunning on the porch...

in yoga today, we held a lovely chest opening pose, a restorative pose, while lying on a bolster

it felt wonderful to lie there for many extra minutes, our instructor letting us dive deep, let the heart be opened, while she read us some inspiring lines from a book of poems

dive in and in

then at relaxation, I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper again, into a very peaceful resting space,

I did not want to get up, so I lay there while they chanted OM

I did not want to move, and it felt good to relax into this need for rest

It's been busy with the house/designer/contractor/quotes and decisions re our move in November to a new house so I haven't played this week with my mandalas, except to colour one in while practising a new song for the chorus. I looked at the soul collages and pasted some pictures in to the family committee card, but did not spend a whole morning with it, as I have been doing.

I love to sing, and when I feel deeply rested like today, then highly energetic, like this afternoon, no song is too high, or too hard to sing. Mardi Gras...he was there at the Mardi Gras....

so enjoy the blissful warm days of summer, even if it's raining more than usual, maybe the earth is cleansing herself, filling the coffers deep with that lovely, wet, resource.

enjoy the time you have whether at work or play,
dive in and in,

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