Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Body Love Workshop Sat Nov 24, 2018

Do you find yourself feeling crushed with the weight of all the bad news? Or low-spirited with the seasonal change and a lack of sunlight? Are you wishing you could relax and enjoy, instead of feeling stressed, just for one day?

The workshops I offer are full of soul-tending practices, to help you garner your deep inner wisdom through journaling and SoulCollage(R). 

SoulCollage(R) works with images, intuition and imagination to access what your subconscious already knows. Through a simple creative process, we enter flow and change the way we feel about ourselves. More lovingkindness, self-compassion and joy are the rewards we reap.

Your divinely feminine form and body are a wonderful instrument. Instead of judging and hating our bodies, let’s create a sacred space to listen in and let our body teach us about self-love.

Join me for a one-day workshop Body Love in a Dangerous Time, Saturday, November 24, from 10 am to 5 pm, at L’Ermitage Ste-Croix, in Pierrefonds, a beautiful retreat center on the water.

Lunch is included in the Registration fee $80 by paypal or e-transfer to

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