Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clogged sinks and Tao

Well, what a day! Waiting for the computer repair guy to show up (Hi Fred!), and doing dishes, making chicken broth... stupidly I poured some chicken fat down the drain, adding soap and hot water (well, luke-warm) and praying it would make it through....guess what?

So I call the plumber - will Drano do it? No, madame, never use that acid stuff, it eats your pipes.

OK - his advice; plunger, then boiling water - but wait - check the internet first. Good idea!

I found lots of good advice, like wear rubber gloves, stuff up the second sink hole with a rag so the junk or boiling water doesn't scald you; and, use baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water 30 minutes later...

I do all this, plunge valiantly if inefficiently, slipping and sliding in my sink with my rubber gloves brightly on.

Nope. Still clogged. Then I did what any sensible woman does - I turned my attention to bills to be paid, hems needing fixing, phone call to the bank, practicing my songs for the choir, and lo....half an hour later, the sink had drained!

I think it was the mix of vinegar and baking soda - like a little volcano right in your sink, remember those Gr 4 science experiments your kids did? Lotsa fun.

Now that my sink is unclogged, and my second batch of chicken broth is cooling, (saving the inedible boiler chicken I baked the other night from being thrown in the garbage), I guess I'll put the chicken fat into the garbage this time.

The Tao in all this? Well, I was headed off to the dry cleaners, the Mall, the Future Shop and 3 other stores to do all my 'commissions' in one hour - when I suddenly realized I was getting panicky and rushing again. I turned around and headed back home, with only two errands done - and practiced my songs while unplugging the sink.

I got less done, and I am less stressed. My consolation is that the sink is now unplugged, and I am still breathing :)

take it easy,


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Anne C. said...

Hi Jennifer,

I think Blogger ate my previous comment. Is that possible?

Anne (from the schmoozefest)