Monday, November 13, 2006

Saying Yes to Change

Weekend with Joan Borysenko, Kripalu Centre

I have one door on the doorknob of the future,
one hand on the doorknob of the past,
I am standing in the hallway of the present moment.

I came to the edge of the Unknown again.
I came empty-handed.
I came needing to let go of impatience, anxiety,
and wanting to know!

I let myself be in uncertainty,
and learned how to calm myself with my breathing.
There is no paint in rushing forward.
In the now there is only peaceful acceptance, curiosity.

When I focus on the future, anxiety and fear are my companions.
When I tell the story of my ego's past, I miss the deep wonder and curiosity about spirit.
I stay stuck in old patterns of doubt.

When I come back to centre, peace and a deep trust
begin to develop.
I let go of pessimistic thinking - of 'never' and 'always'.
I relax into knowing that I am taken care of by a force
larger than me.

I belong to the Beloved, I melt into the field of being.
I want that deep Intimacy.

Let me be an instrument of thy Peace.

blessings to all of us who want to know,


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