Friday, December 21, 2007

dear friends,
I have three blogs with different themes, although they merge sometimes.
Today I am posting a poem called Purdah at
dedicated to all mothers stuck in the house with small children this winter.

ps I have a mp3 of a reading of this and other poems but am searching for a way to post in on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

To the earth i know a great dishonor has been done. It was for true love and one I care and love so true and faithful for all the rest of my life long eternity so dear and I will do all I can to break her free of her tears for it is my love that wipes away a tear for joy is here this year for it is a new dawn I feel in my heart and soul as eternal is this I know we are all equal in my eyes and soul this i know is the truth of it all.
Earth mother and sky father blessed us in a great way i believe today as love is here to stay.