Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wellness Wednesday blogs

Just discovered that Wednesday is Wellness Wednesday on Bella's blog, and you can read her amazing 'gold stars' list there.

If you haven't done so already, please check out what msmenopause has to say at and

It's funny writing about wellness, when you feel well. Two days ago I did not feel well, and I could have written a long list about what I need to do to feel well again.

One thing I am doing is (yee-gawds) forgoing the morning caffe latte. My favorite drink. But it's feeding the anxious person in me, the over nervous jittery rush everywhere-aholic.

So, black tea, one cuppa, that's it. NO headache's yet, thank goodness.

I cleaned out a few drawers yesterday in my kitchen (it's only been 3 years), and that felt good. We have a teenaged friend of my son's living with us, and his mother is very very neat, so needless to say, I feel a little more motivated to clean out crumbs and make order out of chaos.

that reminds me of a poem about housewives being heroes.

Canadian hero folds laundry

Today, CBC radio listeners have nominated Terry Fox as
an outstanding Canadian hero. May 10, 2004

Folding laundry, with quiet
I understand that chaos
and its theory need to be folded and put
in its place.
That the poet and artist’s role
is to fold chaos and put order
into words is a given,
that the housewife’s role is
to fold laundry and put
order into her house
is a given,
that the poet/housewife has a role
and that both of these roles
are equally essential to the universe
for they promote order
over chaos
is equally true, thus

as long as there are housewives and poets,
the laundry of the world
will never be left in dirty piles
and the dirty chaos lying await
in the basements of the world
will be neatly cleaned and folded
one more day.

Sometimes, folding laundry and putting order into my house feels very sane, helpful, good for my soul.

have a great wednesday,


Kikipotamus said...

Congratulations on recognizing the role java was playing and going to one cup of tea instead. And thank you for the links.

Anonymous said...

The thing for me about latte, of late, is the latte not the caffe. I told my doctor at my annual check up that I'd dropped the cream from my coffee and she said, "A lot of my older patients find they need to do that." And then she quickly corrected herself. "Not that you're old." I don't mind what I am, but the absence is fonder.

musemother said...

you are right, I've heard it's the milk mixed with coffee that's hard to digest. I have snuck back a few latte's on my weekend trip (to overcome jet lag), but most days am sticking to double bergamot earl grey tea.
thanks for dropping by