Monday, December 03, 2007

Prayer to Kali

o goddess of black deeds
I have felt the knife's

fury in my wrists, the urge
to throw my baby

down the stairs, the blood
surge making me crazy

or just a lack of sleep
a fever in the chest

never enough rest
stomp yell slap bang

the knife on the counter
instead of hitting him

yet, next moment
all is calm, I soothe his

head, caress him next to
my heart, tell him I am dead

serious. I will not yell
if you don't. bargain, deal

but not beg, only
request. o ungentle goddess,

this anger
is not for him.

help me give tears to my sadness
voice to my rage

Little Mother, 1997
jennifer boire


Kikipotamus said...


bella said...

Thank-you for speaking the unspeakable.
We spend so much time cloaking motherhood in sentiment.
The truth is raw and infinitely more beautiful.

musemother said...

I think women need to hear the good the bad and the ugly about mothering, to keep it real. Fortunately, there are the days when you feel divinely blessed. If we stick together, we are stronger.

Soliloquise music said...

this is very powerful thank you !