Friday, November 14, 2008

menopause and intuition

it is the most heartening discovery of all, to know that we can actually prepare for menopause. We can use the allies of stillness, softness, serenity and surrender to get closer to our own reality.

I always wondered what intuition was, and most of the time I think I have a knack for it. But sadly, most of the time I am moving too fast to pay attention, pushing myself forward, belting my own back with push strive get going don't rest keep moving kind of messages. Ignoring the sad little voice that says, wait a minute, what about my rhythm, my pacing, my needs? You know that the hardest thing for a woman to do is go pee when she has to? there is always something else to finish first. Multi-tasking is dangerous in menopause, there are bones to break, muscles to twist, but I insist on multitudinous activities - can't cross the kitchen without one more thing in my hand to put away, in spite of sore shoulders I still carry in two heavy bags from the car, instead of making 2 trips.

So, slowing down is a challenge. But when you know the rewards - it's so gratifying, to find your hunches are right, and you stay put and things come to you when you need them. The phone rings, your appointment has been cancelled (that was one too many things in your day) or the delivery has been rescheduled till Monday (yes! I can stay in and finish reading that article).

I found the above paragraphs on a previous blog from earlier this year, and after spending a week settling in to a new house, busy running up and down, up and down, all day, answering phone, email, meeting with insurance evaluators, municipal evaluators, computer service guy, cleaning ladies, and receiving deliveries today, it was good to be reminded that the still, small voice within is still there.


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Haralee said...

My Mother is 86 and she is now trying to stop the multitask! I say, you can't go up the stairs with your hand bag, your cane and a grocery sack while holding onto the railing.I see the problem of course, who wants to make another trip up the stairs, even if it means tripping!