Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knowing the source of Joy

in you is the Hottest Topic. It is the news.

The joy that you have in you needs to be honoured. The love, not the love mixed up with lust, but the love that expresses itself in kindness, in gratitude and understanding, needs to be honoured. And indeed, the God that is within you also needs to be honoured. And the greatest of all gifts, the blessing of all blessings, the kindness of all kindnesses, the most subtle, most beautiful, needs to be honoured.

What does honour mean? To recognize it for what it is worth. To honour, respect, to acknowledge the most magnificent but the simplest of things in your life.

You honour everything else – you honour those things that do not honour you. What happens when you honour this God in you? God in return honours you, and the homage that is paid to you is called peace. That’s your reward.

It’s called Joy. It is called understanding.

You honour this breath and it brings you peace. That is simplicity. You need to start seeing simplicity in a new light. You need to start seeing the divine in a new light. And it is in your heart, not in a temple, but in the temple that resides in your heart.

...Search for this joy. Wherever you find it, fulfill your thirst. And if you don’t find it, look me up. I make it possible – it’s not just words.

Prem Rawat, Sydney Australia, May 5, 2009 (adapted from video on

I couldn't resist printing this out on the blog today - just watched the video at, free webcasts of events Maharaji is doing around the world. We may see him in my home town this weekend, and I am so excited!

Living words for the living....


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