Monday, February 19, 2007

counting the days until spring

One breath in, one breath out. Surviving the cold. Frigid sunshine, blasts of humid cold bone-chilling pant freezing finger frosting cold.

Ok, I'm counting the days until warm air and spring. My niece, just in today from Halifax but originally from the West Coast, remembers February as time of new buds, green things. Huh! not in Montreal. We searched for a restaurant at noon, and she, without gloves or hat, and I with skinny suede gloves, anyway we both froze.

But to switch topics, the day began well. Yoga class this morning started me off on the right foot, sur le bon pied for my French readers. Breathing, stretching, holding a pose till shaking. Calming down and feeling the energy throbbing in the chest or belly. Kripalu yoga is about being conscious of where the energy is moving in your body we were told, Alright! I feel it. I hold it as long as I can. Then remember to breathe.

Kept me in a smooth space all morning and afternoon, until I came home at 4:00 ish to see piles of newspapers, dusty table - in the sunlight the dust really shows - and 3 baskets of laundry litter, puppy needs out, sigh. I'm fine in my yoga class, alone in my car, typing in my home office, reading in my comfy chair....then life's little homely duties come tapping on my shoulder. Breathe in, breathe out. Counting the days till no more muddy floors and salt stained pant bottoms and boots. Till no more hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, nylon down-filled Michelin Tire type coats. Count your breaths instead of sinking into the blahs.

Just had to get it outta my system. Thinking about next class, and Mary Magdalene - now there's a worthy topic for next blog.


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