Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Favourite Valentine

Was it the pretty young host of Global TV's Morning show as she accepted our box of chocolates and silk rose? was it Bernie St-Laurent in his cozy CBC Radio studio laughing in surprise at our Happy Birthday song (after the Valentine's love song) or the man working at Sky Services private jet hangar, blinking to hold back tears as fifteen co-workers flashed their cell phone cameras at him while we sang 'I don't why I love you like I do'.... or was it my husband's teary eyes as we sang to his 86 year old mother in her apartment?

There were so many touching moments over the week of Singing Valentines with Timely Affair Quartet, that it's hard to pick just one as the 'best memory'. We brought love and chocolate (and roses) to the workplace of four unsuspecting men, to a Veteran's hospital, to Canadian Tire, to an import office on Victoria, to an apartment in Westmount and a young eight year old and her Romanian grandparents in Beaconsfield. (Not to mention the trek out to St-Hubert and Chateauguay on Friday). We drove in one of the biggest snowfalls of the winter, and sat in traffic for an hour and a half singing at one point. It seemed the whole week revolved around singing those two valentine songs - even in my dreams. (The second one was "I don't mind, being all alone, when I'm all alone with you.") Songs from the forties that my mother knows and I had never heard of. Songs sung in four-part barbershop harmony by three experienced harmonizers and myself, the newbie.

One of my best memories is of singing in the car, or that is, listening to the bass, baritone and lead parts of Jean, Marion and Nicole, sing all the songs they knew! Gorgeous harmonies, gorgeous voices, deep and rich, melodious and true. The traffic may have been barely moving but we were flying high!

I can't wait to start again next year - and this time, I'm telling all my friends to order a singing valentine!


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