Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Singing for Valentines

I should have let you know, oh well it's too late now: my quartet was singing on Global TV this morning on the a.m. show - showing off our Valentine songs. Maybe they'll post it on their web site next week. Sweet Adeline's....

It's only been three weeks since we started practising - although the three other members of my barbershop quartet - have sung together for years.

What a treat - to start the morning with someone doing your make-up and hair! Then many sound checks, and vocalizing warm-ups, before standing under the bright lights and performing our two Valentine songs.

I love to sing - the tenor part is challenging but sounds so pure and crystal clear when the voice is 'on' and warmed up. With rich baritone, bass and lead singing beautiful harmonies, voices melding richly, it's yummy!

I love singing, have always loved singing, and pure joy comes out of it, when we get it right. It's good for the heart.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day. Give someone you love a treat and sing them a love song, straight into their eyes!




Patti said...

I love to sing too and at the top of my lungs but mostly when I'm alone and not necessarily in tune! I admire anyone who can get up and sing in public, I have trouble even speaking in front of an audience. So well done performing on TV.

musemother said...

What was interesting is that I've been singing baritone (female version) with the chorus for a year, and was asked to try tenor just for the Valentine's. I'm not a great bari, but harmony is my thing, so I stuck it out. But once I started singing the high parts of tenor, I started getting compliments and told I had such a pretty voice. So I'm really glad to have taken the risk and learned a new part.
It's fun to stretch ourselves into something new sometimes and find out where we are comfortable. Maybe you don't sing, but I'm sure there's something you love to do...
thanks patti for your comments,