Thursday, February 22, 2007

The sexiest man alive is a dad pushing a pram

Great class today at the Women's Centre on Mary Magdalene - at least I thought it was great! What a neat group of women- (in case any of them are reading, they are super intelligent, deep thinkers and great conversationalists!).

No really, we have fascinating discussions, all over the map from child prostitution to how sensitive our boys are, to the legend of Mary Magdalene voyaging to Provence from the Holy Land, to what appeals to us in a man, all under the rubrique of the Da Vinci Code topic.

Ok so the movie was not a blockbuster and the book was a murder mystery thriller, not a literary masterpiece: I loved both of them! They popularized a topic that many boring academic types have been writing about for years, and found an audience for over 40 million readers (and I don't how many movie-goers). It's been a personal passion of mine to read up on all the books, the goddesses, the gnostic gospels; some are more familiar, i.e. the Christian stories feel like my stories - Eve, Mary, the Madonna - icons that have looked down on me from various portraits or paintings all my life. How to revivify them as female, whole, sexual, spiritual, and human images? Breathe life and energy into the old myths.

Sacred Feminine - that's the mystery at the heart of this class, and at the heart of the huge interest in whether Mary Magdalene was Jesus's lover - like Krishna and Radha, Ram and Sita, the divine feminine and masculine seek each other's arms. Maybe that's what I want, we want, to find that connection with a divine lover within; or even a human lover, a kind, generous thoughtful husband/spouse/lover who will support us, adore us, wash the dishes, read the books we love to talk about, push the baby in a pram (talk about sex appeal!).

I'm rambling here. Thanks to all the friends and people who have told me they read my blog occasionally. Now if I can just figure out how to count all my visitors, I'll feel even more gratified.

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